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I am so grateful to the gardeners at Garden Designers Camden for rectifying the mess caused by another company.

  • Lola Bailey

I am happy with the quality landscaping performed by Camden Gardeners. I have already recommended them to my neighbours.

  • Kim Sellers

When I needed gardening services that were the best value for the money. I chose Camden Gardeners. Great work, prices cheaper than the competition, and on time. There is no one better in my opinion.

  • Dylan U.

This gardening company provide a great service every time. I've been using Camden Gardeners for a few years now and are absolutely delighted with my experience with them.

  • Josie A.

I gave this gardening company a rather large job to manage. GardenersCamden handled things in an efficient and professional manner.

  • Daniel S.

Their gardeners took real pride in their work, and it showed. It was evident that they're professionals, because they made my garden look fantastic. I'm so glad I called Camden Gardening Companies.

  • Ewan T.

Very pleased with the gardening services offered by Garden Designers Camden, I now have them to help me once a week with basic gardening work, and more often when needed. They have never let me down and continue to do a great job.

  • Skye White

I was concerned, as the garden had become overgrown. Camden Gardening Companies offered cheap services, so I rang them up. What can I say? High standard of work for the low-cost service. I will use them from now on for regular garden maintenance.

  • Yancy Wellard

I have this little issue: The lack of a green thumb. Because of this, I always need a gardener. I've been calling upon Gardening Services Camden for years now, and with their affordable pricing and high quality gardening services! I have never been disappointed.

  • April Moon

I don't have to worry about garden maintenance now that I've had a taste of what Garden Care Service Camden have to offer! They did an amazing job - a lot of work was completed to a high standard in a relatively short space of time (and for a relatively low price) - something I was absolutely delighted with.

  • Gary D.

I was immediately impressed with what Garden Care Service Camden and their gardeners did with my garden. They really cared for my outdoor space and worked hard to make it look beautiful and more than presentable. I'm really happy with the service and would recommend them to anyone looking for help with garden care!

  • Louisa

Highly recommend the garden landscaping carried out by Camden Gardeners. Not only is it done to your specific design but the price is very competitive for the area and the attention to detail is wonderful. Very pleased with what they've created in my garden.

  • Leah

When I moved house I was disheartened to see the garden was full of rubbish and junk that I didn't want to deal with. I researched companies in my area and came across GardenersCamden and their garden waste removal service. I spoke to a knowledgeable team member who gave me a good price and I booked right away. The junk was collected and disposed of for me by a team of experts and I didn't pay any excess or hidden fees. I am very pleased!

  • Monica H.

I can't think of a bad word to say about Garden Designers Camden. Their work was just incredible and outstanding. For that reason, I recommend them and I have told all my friends and family about them. You will not find better around than them.

  • Megan Price

Camden Gardeners are the best people to call for garden maintenance support. They will be there to handle every job and ensure that your garden is always clean and healthy. They have done wonders for me and I will be continuing to hire them as long as they keep up the great work.

  • Barbara M.

Camden Gardening Companies is a fantastic garden clearance company. I recently had a new lawn laid and was dreading the mess and the task as a whole but then I found the number for this amazing team and called them up. I was given a reasonably priced quote and decided to have them come out to handle my garden cleanup jobs. They came out, did the job, were very polite and efficient and then they left. They knew what they were doing and were very professional! I highly recommend them!

  • Cecilia Barber

Garden Designers Camden were brilliant when I wanted a tree cut down. It was causing problems and it was right where my new patio was going to be placed. The tree wasn't huge and was diseased so I called in the experts to deal with it. The gardeners came armed with all of the proper equipment and soon sorted it. A very useful service, thanks.

  • Amy Allen

Regardless of the type of gardening service you need, Camden Gardeners are the company you need to call upon. If you want your job done right and completed to a high standard, they're the team for you. I called them myself and was delighted with everything that took place. From the minute I got off the phone after talking to one of their friendly representatives to the time they left my property after they had finished their work I knew I had made the right choice and I'm sure you will too, so give them a try.

  • Fiona Hartley

There had been work being done in my garden and my patio suffered for it. I knew I wouldn't be able to get it as clean as I liked by myself, so I looked into what GardenersCamden could do for me. Their expert staff were able to clean my patio thoroughly, getting rid of any dirt, dust and mess. They transformed it back to what it was before, and I'm sure they could do the same for you.

  • Paul Lee

Our company's landscaping contract was given to Camden Gardening Companies last year. Their suggestions and keen observations helped us make the right choices for the patterns. Their innovative ideas are worth mentioning. The team of expert gardeners laid out a plan to give the garden a makeover. I was so enticed by their plan that I gave in. They changed the look of our garden which earned us well deserved praises. We are very happy to be associated with this company.

  • Tracy D.

I really didn't know what had happened to my lawn. I came back from holiday and something untoward must have taken place; there were holes in my lawn, patches of dirt all over the place and it was just generally in a real mess. I called Camden Gardening Companies to see if they could do anything to rectify the situation, and to my pleasant surprise, they did. When they did they job, my lawn was in pristine condition and cut absolutely perfectly. I can't thank their team enough!

  • Shawna

My neighbours always ask how I get my garden looking so great and I tell them it's down to GardenersCamden. Without them and their fabulous gardening experts, my garden would look a fright! It always sounds really posh to say you've got a gardener but these guys are so affordable, you don't have to be riche!

  • Lisa Y.

The team of Camden Gardening Companies worked hard for two weeks during the bitter cold month of December. My house was also being renovated at the same time but the gardening experts carried out the work in a way that caused hardly any disruption. They also tidied up the area after completing their task on a daily basis. I found their workmanship to be a class apart and they are definitely one of the best gardening companies I have come across in recent times.

  • Martha James

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